Legal Marriage Separation – 3 Forms for Turning a Legal Separation in Colorado Into a Legal Divorce

One of the easiest ways to move a Colorado divorce action forward quickly is to start with a legal marriage separation. A legal separation in Colorado is usually accompanied by a separation agreement, a document that requires a couple to make the same decisions that they would make in a marital settlement agreement.

Filing for legal separation is easy. A Colorado Springs family lawyer can help you draw up the necessary documents, or you may choose to handle this part of it yourself, but there are basically three steps to turning a legal separation into a divorce in Colorado.

Changing a legal marriage separation in Colorado to a legal divorce involves filling out three divorce forms for Colorado family court. Be sure to refer to your original Decree of Legal Separation and label these forms in the same manner, particularly when entering who the petitioner, the co-petitioner and the respondent are.

The first form is a Motion to Convert Decree of Legal Separation to Decree of Dissolution. The purpose of this form is to declare to the Court that six months has passed since the date of your separation and affirm that your spouse has been adequately notified of your desire to convert that decree to a Decree of Dissolution.
The second form is the Order to Convert Decree of Legal Separation to Decree of Dissolution. This incorporates the provisions of your divorce, which are detailed in your Separation Agreement and include the parenting plan, child support and spousal maintenance, and property and debt division arrangements that have been agreed to by you and your spouse, or ordered by the Court.
The third form is the Decree of Dissolution of Marriage, which will need to be completed in the same manner as the separation agreement was, and once signed by a judge will serve as your final divorce decree.

If you have already gone through a legal separation in Colorado, a Colorado Springs family lawyer will be able to help you move the divorce process forward quickly.

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